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Chapter 5 summary

Ralph was walking on the beach by him self think about life. And he was thinking about his hair and how long his hair is. Ralph call the meet and talk about the group there is a lot of desciston after piggy decided to run away. Ralph grabed the conch and decided to talk about the rules. They were talking about work and some of them didn’t want to some work like building shelters. As they was taking one of the litten ones shouted out that they have seen the beast. Everyone put there attention the littlen asking loads of questions. The littlen sopke and told them that he beast would be near the ocean.

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Chapter 4 summary

The little children are still on the island. Today the little children was having loads of fun in the sun haveig a cool time and they were happy to play. But it came to the end when sunlight went down and moon came out. Most of the little children didn’t like the dark . Most of the little children had bad nightmares about a terfying monster.  Some of the little children ate to much fruit it started to cause stomach pain. The little children didint really go near the big kids, but the big kids always pick on the small kids like sometimes kicking their sand castle. Two guy roger and Maurice usually done the dirty work. Jack still had the idea of hurting pigs and killing them so him and couple of his friend went to go and hunt some pigs . Ralph and piggy notes there was a big ship on the sea but there signal fire had ran out so they ran, up to the top of the hill to get a signal. But it was too late and the ship when off. The hurnters came back and they was covered with blood , they brough back a dead pig. Jack slap piggy to get the glasses lens out.  Ralph and jack hard a hot argument but later on jack admit that he is the reason why the fire signal didn’t work but he did not apologise to piggy. Ralph use piggy glasses to start the fire. Ralph and jack started to get more friendly as the pig started to roast. Haunters started dancing around the roast pig but then after Ralph calls in a meeting

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Drama Exam


The stimulus of the play is it’s set in South London, in the 2000’s exploring the social content of relationships and interactions. My central question is “did I deserve this” I got my central question from a story about a man loosing his two children. Our teacher gave us our stimulus of the story about a man loosing his two children, this then made us what to explore the theme of grief.

My initial idea came from exploring different texts one particular text that stood out to me was about grief. A man loosing his family, at a seaside resort and also loosing his lovely wife, a few years earlier to a disease. The Pros of my initial idea was the fact the text made me feel emotion for the man loosing all his family members. The cons were that me and my peers got better ideas from outside of the box it made me think of the character Ronnie Mitchell, from Eastenders and how she coped with depression of loosing her baby. I watched an episode of the actress Samantha Womack, performing to look at how she uses emotion and tension in her performance. One thing I would of liked to of developed further was making my performance more dark, by exploring the theme of suicide in performance.


Item 2- Duologue 

The situation I decided to explore with my peer was a Dad losing his son and his wife. This idea came from reading a story about a father losing his two sons, and how he suffered without them making bad decisions and asking himself loads of questions.

The characters that appeared in the duologue was a Dad called Gary and his son called Jack, both father and son were very close and had a good relationship. Gary taught his son a lot of stuff at a very young age till the son died at the age of five. Gary was a wealthy man who loved his family till he died and started to get weaker every day after their deaths, he use to struggle with going to work because he could always hear his son’s voice in his head saying the sentence “Why did you let me die and what happened to Mum?”.

I developed my character from reading a story about a man, losing his two children and how he survived and got through his pain. I based my character on Ronnie Mitchell, from Eastenders who lost her baby son, and was grieving for him which led to her stealing somebody else’s son because she started to go crazy and have a breakdown.

I played the role of Gary by being a confused man who didn’t know what to do with his life, adding emotion to my voice sometimes being very loud and sometimes speaking in a low pitch. I was standing while performing the duologue looking lost at my son and wife’s grave stones, the movement was slow paced showing that the character Gary was struggling. At one point in the scene Gary start’s to pray because he believes God will help him.

I used improvisation to develop the character by using my own personal experience of grief losing my cousin, to make me feel the emotion of what Gary felt.

My piece was successful because I used my central question, in my piece very well because it left the audience to answer my question. To improve this I would react certain parts in my scene to make it more emotional, to get the audience more thinking about my question.


Item 3 – Design Idea

The intentions behind my design idea was to use the colour black, to represent the darkness and emotion of Gary losing his wife and son. The design was simple to show he had nothing in his life apart from the memories of them. I had two boxes to represent Gary’s wife and son gravestones, showing that’s where he goes to visit and be with them like he’s waiting to die.

The headstones are symbolic because they both have crosses on them representing that Gary believes in God, and that one day he will see and be with his wife and son in a new world living happy.

My Design idea supports my exploration of my central question,  “Did I deserve this or not?” because the darkness and emotion can be seen in the design where the character Gary visits the cemetery like the question.


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Chapter 2 summary

When the explorers return, Ralph sounds the conch shell, summoning the boys to another meeting on the beach. He tells the group that there are no adults or parents on this island and that they need to sort out  a few things to look after themselves. Jack reminds Ralph of the pig they found trapped in the vines in the jungle and Ralph agrees that they will need find animals  to kill  for food. Ralph declares that, at meetings, the conch shell will be used to see which boy has the right to speak. Whoever holds the conch shell will speak and the others will listen  until they receive the shell in their turn. Jack agrees with this idea.

Piggy shouts in a anger voice about t that no one knows they have crashed on the island and that they could be stuck there for a long time. This chapter is getting mor instesting form my point a view because I feel piggy is getting out his scared zone and wanted to be heared more, and that it starting to be more stressed in this group because there no orgniazion in this group.

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Lord of the flies chapter 3


Jack sets off hunting, but fails to catch a pig. He returns to the camp to find Ralph, who has been hard at work building shelters with Simon. Ralph complains the others don’t help at all.
Ralph and Jack can’t agree what their priorities are – making shelters and getting rescued, or finding meat.
Simon goes off by himself into the dense jungle and worms his way into the thickest part. As that was happening Ralph and summon had was staying trying to build hut when the other was playing

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It was a dark cold day In the east sides the time was 9:00pm the weather was daul and misty day in the old town. The full moon was shining bright than ever. A old broke woman came out the shadows. The first thing she relised   Was moon  she look at the moon with  a clueless face. she heard a mysterious voice the voice got louder . She walk towards the voice it was getting louder and louder than before. Then she finally got to the place.she finally got to the place were she heared voice was coming from. it wa near a  she heared a terified screaming, she ran to the allies way but no one was there she look behind her and saw a mysterious man walk throught the strong mist up to the point the woman could see her again. walking in her head she was asking a lot of question “who was screaming who was that man”.

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Your Task

re-read chapter 10 and copy out three quotations about the duality of man.

Explain why you have selected each quotation

try to find any possible symbols and explore

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Technology is destroying the English language

i strongly disagree with the quote “technology is destroying English language”. The reason why I disagree with that quote because I don’t think is we are destroying the language i strongly think were not even changing it. The thing that really stand  out to me was the word destroy.The reason why i  destroy  stand out to me because i feel is a powerful and strong word to use in this quote. i highly disagree with this quote because i feel the we are intelligent to know went to speak slang and when not. 



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